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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Top 4 for September 4, 2014

Short and sweet today, little if any explanation --

Bad Mango - Dave Douglas and Sō Percussion

from album of the same name, Vol. 3 of Dave's GPS set.

Let's Call This - Thelonious Monk 

from the famous Friday the 13th, 1953  session. One of your better bebop French horn solos. I always confuse this song with "Let's Cool One". This is the trickier and less often played one.

Ninna Nanna per Adulteri by Ennio Morricone

from the Crime and Dissonance, this probably is for sometime after the Morricone selection from yesterday

Black Cadillac - Lightnin' Hopkins

One of the things I sure do lack myself, a mostly twelve bar blues (sometimes less, sometimes more) from "How many more years I got ?", the record that returned him from obscurity and ensured him immortality.

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