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Friday, March 13, 2015

Preview for Saturday's webcast

Image result for Ornette ColemanTomorrow's show is shaping up to be a birthday tribute to Ornette Coleman. I'm not really a fan of the birthday tribute show, especially among jazz shows, but Ornette is such a major trasnformative figure in jazz that he demands an exception.

The catch, of course, is having to follow the rules of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which means I can play no more than four (4) tracks with "Ornette Coleman" in the artist field. So, we'll largely be featuring Ornette as composer with a selection of artists playing his tunes.

Also conspicuously absent will be the new New Vocabulary album. Since Ornette is a group member, and not listed as the "artist", I could conceivably play three tracks. But, System Dialing Records is offering it at such a high price, even for the downloads, I haven't been able to bring myself to buy it.

For another, most likely better, tribute, follow the link on the right to Charlie Kohlhase's tribute on the March 9th episode of Research and Development which should be available through next Sunday (the 21st). (I've been waiting until I finished this to check it out.) Charlie gets a pass on my birthday tribute fist-shaking, as he usually features tributes to musicians I need to learn more about.

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