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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Too hot to blog

Yeah, that's my excuse, it's too darn hot. I blogged more when there were snowstorms. So, I'll just throw a bunch of links at you.

Here's a little preview of the recording by Sō Percussion of a piece written for them by Bryce Dessner, one of the twin guitarists from The National, sure to be featured on an upcoming webcast. A saw this piece performed at last year's Bang on a Can Marathon, as night was falling, and it was rather transcendent, with a variety of new sounds, which you would hope from a piece that required creating new instruments to play. (I'm also too tired to write sentences good.)

Poetry remains popular and well considered in our nation's schools.

Good old WFMU featured a fine program for Mr. Moondog's 99th birthday. (It starts in the second hour.)

And of course, if it's too hot to blog, it's too hot to fish!

The best thing about this Colbert Report classic is that the joke isn't really on the small town hicks, but rather, SPOILER ALERT!!, the New York Times.

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