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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Playlist for the Unpopular Music webcast for November 21, 2015

Some programs are born, some are made. This one was made. Enjoyable just the same. I have attempted to thrust greatness upon it, we'll see if it sticks.

Playlist after the break

Regarding the Frank Zappa piece, the inspiration was the situation regarding refugees from Syria and elsewhere heading towards the United States (and elsewhere), and the objections from various politicians to accepting them. I'll concede that the idea of terrorists hiding among the huddled masses fleeing the war in Syria is perhaps plausible, but it's not as if that's the only way into the country. You may recall that most, if not all, of the September 11th hijackers were in the US legally. At least one had his visa renewed, not only overlooking the fact that he had participated in one of history's most notorious terrorist attacks, but that he was dead as well. So not only are you greeted with this piece of official bureaucratic suspicion ("welcome"), but, as Zappa says in the album notes, the idea that "anybody would ask those questions and expect anybody to give honest answers to them [] such a piece of classic government stupidity." So, to summarize, reversing our welcoming tradition in order to shut out these people who more likely to be on our side than any of the three entities fighting in the war they are fleeing is stupid. On the other hand, it's not like the system already in place to assess whom we should keep out and whom we should let in couldn't use some refreshing.

And as usual, I've fixed the edit that irked me for the archived version. That half-second of silence annoys me so that I'd rather end up complaining about nothing than leave it in.

artist song album comment label / date
The Turtles Let Me Be Solid Zinc: The Turtles Anthology special guest 1st part of theme
written by P. F. Sloan (RIP)
Naked City Inside Straight Naked City 2nd part of theme Nonesuch
Steve Lacy Sextet Prospectus Live at Sweet Basil Steve Lacy (ss) Steve Potts (as) Irene Aebi (voc, vln) Bobby Few (p) Jean-Jacques Avenel (b) John Betsch (d)
music by Steve Lacy, text by Blaise Cendrars adapted from a travel brochure
Vijay Iyer Trio Mmmhmm Accelerando Vijay Iyer (p) Stephan Crump (b) Marcus Gilmore (d)
Whoops! not written by Stephan Crump as announced but a cover of a song by Flying Lotus and Thundercat, written by Stephen Bruner and Steve Ellison.
I'm thinking I mispronounced the title as well.
ACT Music
Lisa Germano Just Geek Geek The Girl music behind DJ 4AD
John Tchicai / Garrison Fewell / Tino Tracanna / Paolino dala Porta / Massimo Manzi The Queen of Ra Big Chief Dreaming John Tchicai (ts) Garrison Fewell (g. tune) Tino Tracanna (ss, ts) Paolino dala Porta (b) Massimo Manzi (d) Soul Note
Variable Density Sound Orchestra Mystical Realities Evolving Strategies Garrison Fewell (g) John Tchicai (ts) Roy Campbell Jr. (trp) Steve Swell (tbn, tune) Dmitry Ishenko (b) Reggie Nicholson (d) Not Two
Tomeka Reid Quartet Woodlawn Tomeka Reid Quartet Tomeka Reid (vc) Mary Halvorson (g) Jason Roebke (b) Tomas Fujiwara (d) Thirsty Ear
Paul Bley Monk's Dream Basics song by Thelonious Monk Justin Time
Wayne Horvitz This New Generation This New Generation music beind DJ Nonesuch
Frank Zappa / Ensemble Modern Welcome to the United States The Yellow Shark dramatzation of INS form I-94W
performed by Herman Kretzschmar
Barking Pumpkin
Asiko Rock Group Lagos City Asiko Rock Group music behind DJ EMI
Weather Report Freezing Fire Live and Unreleased Joe Zawinul (keys) Wayne Shorter (ss, ts, tune) Alphonso Johnson (b) Chester Thompson (d) Alex Acuna (prc) Columbia
Oy Carry Us Home No Problem Saloon song by Joy Frempong and Lleluja-Ha Crammed Discs
David Shire Dream Sequence The Conversation music by David Shire Intrada Records
Juana Molina El Vistado Un DíaJuana Molina (voc, syn) Gareth Dickson (g)

Domino Records
Nadia Sirota and Nico Muhly Etude 1 First Things First music behind DJ New Amsterdam
Mojack Advertising Services Under the Willow Tree Tony Atherton (as) Greg Ginn (g, b) Mike Lopez (d) SST
Arnold Dreyblatt / The Orchestra of Excited Strings Meantime The Adding Machine Robert Black (b) Jeff Lieberman, Mark Stewart (modified elec g) Laurel F. Smith (vl) Danny Tunick (prc) Evan Ziporan (cmb)
music by Arnold Dreyblatt
Aloha Thermostat Here Comes Everyone Tony Cavallario (voc, g) Cale Parks (d) T.J. Lipple (prc) Polyvinyl
Apollo 100 Joy Rock Masters: In The Hall Of The Mountain King music by Tom Parker and Clive Scott after Johann Sebastian Bach Digital Music Group
Aimee Mann Nothing is Good Enough Magnolia [Original Soundtrack] music behind DJ Reprise
Alarm Will Sound Meltphace 6 Acoustica - Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin Music by Richard D. James, arr. by Payton McDonald Canteloupe

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