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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Playlist for the Unpopular Music webcast for January 23, 2016

In my triumphant return to the internet airways, a typically jazzy first hour leads into an attempted mutual memorial tribute to three artists from separate fields who left this world during my hiatus - Paul Bley, Pierre Boulez, and David Bowie.

Now bear with me, this shouldn't be a strange as it seems. They each drew influence from many sources. Bley often channels sounds from 20th-century chamber music. Boulez, while seeming to draw little or no influence from popular culture, was often inspired by visual art and poetry. So too was Bowie, who was also inspired by Brecht and Jacques Brel, mime, kabuki and fashion. All were keyed into the more disturbing aspects of post-World War II European and American society.

Ultimately, all three made lasting contributions to their respective crafts and will influence generations to come. And since I feel there's no reason not to enjoy these crafts in tandem, or at least rotation, here you go.

See the playlist after the break....

song album comment label / date
David Byrne The Great Intoxication Live at Union Chapel special guest 1st part of theme Nonesuch
Naked City Inside Straight Naked City 2nd part of theme Nonesuch
John Tchicai; Garrison Fewell; Tino Tracanna; Paolino dala Porta; Massimo Manzi Yogi in Disguise Big Chief Dreaming John Tchicai (ts, composer) Garrison Fewell (g) Tino Tracanna (ts) Paolino dala Porta (b) Massimo Manzi (d) Soul Note
Eric Dolphy 17 West Out There Eric Dolphy (flt) Ron Carter (vc) George Duvivier (b) Roy Haynes (d) New Jazz
Hal Willner Presents Reincarnation of a Lovebird / Haitian Fight Song Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus Don Alais (congas, dumbek, clappers) Don Byron (clt, b clt) Micheal Blair (d, whirley tube, clappers, Chromelodeon II) Bill Frisell (g, Surrogate Kithara) Greg Cohen (b) Hal Willner (sfx) Gary Lucas (g) Arr. Frisell
more about Partch's instruments
Wayne Horvitz This New Generation This New Generation music behind DJ Nonesuch
Ornette Coleman Bird Food Change of the Century Ornette Coleman (as) Don Cherry (trp) Charlie Haden (b) Billy Higgins (d) Atlantic
Julius Hemphill Savannah Suite One Atmosphere Marty Ehrlich (flt) Erik Friedlander (vc) Pheeroan Aklaff (d)
composition by Julius Hemphill
Kronos Quartet John's Book of Alleged Dances - IV: Pavane: She's So Fine Gnarly Buttons & John's Book of Alleged Dances music by John Adams Nonesuch
Karin Krog & the Public Enemies Glissando Don't Just Sing: A Karin Krog Anthology 1963-1999 Karin Krog (voc, elec) Eje Thelin (tbn) Joachim Kühn (p, as) Adelhard Roidinger (g) Palle Danielsson (b) Aldo Romano (d)
from Different Days, Different Ways
Light in the Attic
Manu DiBango Lakisane Collection Blanche music behind DJ Disques Festival
David Bowie Aladdin Sane David Live David Bowie (voc) Mike Garson (solo), Michael Kamen (keys) David Sanborn (as) Richard Grando (bs) Earl Slick (g) Herbie Flowers (b) Tony Newman (d) Pablo Rosario (prc) Gui Andrisano, Warren Peace (voc) RCA
Yo La Tengo Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo Summer Sun music behind DJ Matador
Jimmy Giuffre Threewe Free Fall Jimmy Giuffre (clt) Paul Bley (p) Steve Swallow (b) Columbia
Pierre Boulez; The Cleveland Orchestra Nocturnes - I: Nuages Centenary Collection - 1991
Debussy / Stravinsky
music by Claude Debussy Deutsche Grammophon
David Bowie Warszawa Low composed and performed by Brian Eno and David Bowie; produced by Tony Visconti EMI
Hillary Summers, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Pierre Boulez Le Marteau sans maître - IX: Bel édifice et les pressentiments - double. Tempo libre Boulez conducts Boulez - Le Marteau sans maître · Dérive 1 & 2 Hillary Summers (voc) Emmanuelle Ophèle (flt) Marie-Thérèse Ghirardi (g) Odile Auboin (vla) Vinvent Bauer (vbp) Samuel Favre (xyl) Michel Cerutti (prc) Pierre Boulez (cnd, composer)
text by Rene Chár
Deutsche Grammophon
Charlie Haden Ida Lupino The Montreal Tapes: with Paul Bley and Paul Motian Charlie Haden (b) Paul Bley (p) Paul Motian (d)
tune by Carla Bley
David Bowie Station to Station Station to Station David Bowie (voc, g) Earl Slick, Carlos Alomar (g) Roy Bittan (p) George Murray (b) Dennis Davis (d) Warren Peace (b voc) EMI
Harald Weiss Arche [excerpt] Music of Our Century music behind DJ Wergo
Paul Bley Quintet Batterie Barrage Paul Bley (p) Marshall Allen (as) Dewey Johnson (trp) Eddie Gomez (b) Milford Graves (prc)
tune by Carla Bley

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