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Sunday, August 14, 2016

On vinyl buyer's stereotypes

In another shout-out to the A. V. Club, we find an article about another article about a study describing the recent "vinyl boom" as "being driven primarily by people in their 40s and 50s who don’t like sharing their feelings, and tend to spend their time alone." Now let me defend myself against this stereotype - I don't buy that much vinyl, especially new vinyl. I'm pretty omnivorous, format wise. There are a couple of shops I'll check out every so often, as I did pre-"vinyl boom."

The rest is sadly true.
The FactMag article helpfully includes the above video for those of you unfamiliar with the species in their natural domain (however, I, myself, don't have a museum quality room full of fabulous stuff), and now my latent fear that I'm turning into Seymour has been fully awakened. Frankly this is the scene from the same movie the one I've always gone back to.

At the risk of sharing my feelings, part of me thinks it's time to watch Ghost World again, part of me is terrified.

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