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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Playlist for the Unpopular Music Webcast for November 5, 2016

Unpopular Music's Election Special

Get out and vote on Tuesday!

I had an idea to do a program of political themed songs for the weekend before the election, and then just kind of let it sit there. A playlist was sporadically amended, I found an album of old campaign songs at Goodwill. I happened upon the German version of Peter Gabriel's third album so I could include the German version of Not One of Us. I could portray that sketch by the State as a precursor for today's CNN (seriously, replace "men can not grow beards in space" with "human activity does not cause global warming" and you'll get the idea.) Things were looking good. But, I became more and more tired of this campaign, I found a welcome distraction from reading about the election (hooray, Cubbies!), had a really nasty cold, and found myself with the idea not quite finished. But, it's here, although not quite as sharp as I was hoping.

There's not a lot specifically about this campaign. There's a lot about racism, ever present in the campaign and without. Sadly, nothing about the similarly ever-present sexism, which is my bad, especially on the (hopefully) eve of electing our first woman president. It does give a general reflection of my point of view, floating between snark and skepticism, and wide-eyed optimism

The input on the in studio recorder was turned all the way down, so the first two mic breaks were not recorded, which somewhat changes the impact of the segue from Simi Valley Blues into Through Being Cool.

I've thought that Through Being Cool should be the Democrat's theme song ever since I (embarrassingly recently) realized the Devoes meant by "cool" not "hip" or "popular" but rather "accepting" or "complacent" (as in "I'm cool with that'). Sadly, the Democrat's never seem to be all that enthusiastic about eliminating the ninnies and the twits among the opposition, or themselves. As for my proposed Republican theme, Not One of Us seems intended as satire of right wing rhetoric, and having it in German just twists the knife a bit more.

artist song album comment label / date
The Life Magazine Singers Fair and Free Elections Sing along with Millard Filmore special guest 1st part of theme Life Magazine
John McEuen The Stars and Stripes Forever String Wizards special guest 2nd part of theme Vanguard
Ornette Coleman; London Symphony Orchestra; David Measham The Men Who Live in the White House Skies Of America more on this piece here

Charlie Haden Circus '68 '69 Liberation Music Orchestra Perry Robinson (clt) Gato Barbieri, Dewey Redman (ts) Mike Mantler (trp) Roswell Rudd (tbn) Bob Northern (hrn) Howard Johnson (tba) Paul Motian, Andrew Cyrille (d, prc) Carla Bley (org) Charlie Haden (b) Impulse!
The Life Magazine Singers Van Buren Sing along with Millard Filmore to the tune of "The Right Man" Life Magazine
Lead Belly Bourgeois Blues Classic Protest Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

Smithsonian Folkways
Branford Marsalis Simi Valley Blues I Heard You Twice the First Time Branford Marsalis (ts) Robert Hurst (b) Jeff 'Tain' Watts (d)
Wayne Horvitz This New Generation This New Generation music behind DJ
Devo Through Being Cool New Traditionalists proposed Democratic Party Theme Song
Warner Bros.
Peter Gabriel Du bist nicht wie wir Ein Deutsches Album proposed Republican Party Theme Song
Digital Primitives The People Hum Crackle and Pop Cooper-Moore (voc) Assif Tsahar (ts) Chad Taylor (d)
Chris Butler Millions & Millions Easy Life Chris Butler (voc, g) Peter Stuart (b, voc) James Mastro (keys) Future Fossil Records
Frederic Rzewski 36 Variations on "The People United Will Never Be Defeated!" - Thema (2) Rzewski Plays Rzewski based on the song ¡El pueblo unido, jamás será vencido! by Sergio Ortega and Quilapayún
Victor Jara El Derecho de Vivir en Paz El Derecho de Vivir en Paz the right to live in peace
Sucesión Víctor Jara
Spaceheads Trip to the Moon Trip to the Moon EP music behind DJ Electric Brass
Los Lobos Politician [Live] Just Another Band from East L.A.: A Collection song by Jack Bruce and Peter Brown Warner Bros.
Yo La Tengo Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo Summer Sun music behind DJ Matador
The State Bearded Men of Space Station 11 Complete Series Tom Lennon, Michael Schowalter, Michael Ian Black, Todd Holoubek, David Wain, Robert Ben Garant 1994
Billy Bragg It Says Here (alternative version) Between the Wars

Erin McKeown The Politician CIVICS
The Relatives Speak to Me (What's Wrong With America?) The Electric Word

Yep Roc
Nadia Sirota and Nico Muhly Etude 1 First Things First music behind DJ New Amsterdam
Robyn Archer Ballad of Approving of the World Cabaret Songs song by Hanns Eisler and Bertolt Brecht HMV Classics
Tom Lehrer I wanna go back to Dixie Songs by Tom Lehrer

self released
They Might Be Giants Your Racist Friend Flood

William S. Burroughs No More Stalins, No More Hitlers Dead City Radio John Cale at the synthesizer Island
The Bears Robobo's Beef Rise and Shine song by Bob Nyswonger Primitive Man Recording Co.
Joe Jackson Right and Wrong Big World Joe Jackson (p, voc) Vinnie Zummo (g) Rick Ford (b) Gary Burke (d) Joy Askew, Nikki Gregoroff, Peter Hewlitt, Curtis King Jr. (voc) A&M
Daryl Hall and John Oates Mano a Mano Private Eyes Daryl Hall, John Oates, Ray Gomez, G. E. Smith, Charlie de Chant, Larry Fast, John Siegler, Mickey Curry RCA
Bright Eyes at the bottom of everything on the then Craig Kilborn-hosted Late Late Show M. Ward for President! 2008
Carbon/Silicon The System The Crackup Suite song by Tony James and Mick Jones 2007
The Maya Baiser / Steven Schick Project Gada Yina African Caught by the Sky with Wire music behind DJ oo records
Zappa's Universe Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel Zappa's Universe Rock group:
Mike Keneally (g, key, voc) Mats Öberg (keys, voc) Scott Thunes (b, voc) Morgan Ågren (d) Jonathan Haas (prc) Marc Ziegenhagen (keys) The Persuasions (Jimmy Hayes, Jerry Lawson, Joe Russell, Jay Otis Washington) Rockapella (Sean Altman, Barry Carl, Elliot Kerman, Scott Leonard) Orchestra Of Our Time / Joel Thome

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