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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Down the memory hole with Dave's Record Collection

Having named the webcast "Unpopular Music", several people have assumed this is the sort of thing I play. (Look right for the true explanation. I mean, I have played one of the records in the first segment, and there some things I would play (like Lawrence Welk playing "Don't think twice, it's alright", Sam the Drummer, or those generic radio commercials) if I had them, but it's not what the program's about.

In the two years they've been off the air, some of Dave's people (presumably) have been assembling compilations of various guests and recurring segments, so here's the one dedicated to "Dave's Record Collection". Funny to remember how it used to be that you couldn't just use Google or Discogs or YouTube to find these things, you'd have to go to flea markets or thrift stores or record fairs, or perhaps trade tapes if you were in the right circles to have a copy, or to even hear things like William Shatner's "Transformed Man" or the various Telly Savalas releases.

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