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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Peter Serkin endorses the webcast...

... Well not really, but I think this quote from the great eclectic pianist about his own programming is simpatico with a program that will combine Elvis Costello and Marshall Crenshaw with Stravinsky and Berio because they're all using accordions.
I prefer programs which are neither overly ingratiating nor didactic. I think that programs show integrity when there is no attempt to win anyone over at all. We can welcome programs that are somewhat challenging. It is out of respect for the intelligence of an audience that one plays programs that may not be particularly easy to listen to, but that present something genuine, with integrity. Anyhow, how can one possibly determine what is “easy” or “difficult” to listen to for someone else—is Beethoven really easier to listen to than Wolpe or Wuorinen? In any case, we do not need to shirk from that which may be more outrageous and provocative; people do want to hear interesting music.
You can find the whole interview here.

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