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Friday, June 13, 2014

Preview / Warning

June is National Accordion Awareness Month, something I can hardly let go uncelebrated. Therefore a large part of this week's webcast will be devoted to increasing your awareness.

Choice of repertoire was capricious and arbitrary, as usual. No attempt at comprehensiveness was made. I kept coming across the same Frankie Yankovic CD at one of my regular thrift shop stops, but I was able to resist, and not buy it just to put it on the webcast (your welcome). There will be no polkas or Lady of Spain. There will be Berio, Ligeti, and Stravinsky among others. There's an Astor Piazzola that might not make the final cut. Nor is there any Weird Al. Nor that Who song.

My criteria were
  • 1.) Does this have an accordion on it? 
  • 2.) Do I like it?
If the webcast doesn't satiate you, the Somerville Arts Council is sponsoring Squeezebox Slam 2014, featuring accordionists strolling around the city before gathering in Seven Hills Park (behind the Davis Square T-Station) for a performance.

Tune in and enjoy!

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