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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Album of the Year

Calling all artists, you have ten months to try and top this.

Courtesy of the Onion A. V. Club - Vincent D’Onofrio and Dana Lyn’s Slim Bone Head Volt , due out on mine and Robyn Hitchcock's birthday. It really has to be hear to be believed. Listeners to the webcast know I have a soft-spot for jazz-poetry, the nuttier the better. This is some of the nuttiest I've heard in a while, but I have no idea how serious this is supposed to be or if it's deliberately ridiculous or over the top or what. It's many hoots and several hollers and I've had to stop it at least once to regain my composure. To be clear I mean this as a compliment. These poems. let's call them, are quite funny and hit several nails on their heads. Things calm down a bit towards the end, and D'Onofrio's lament that being a man, and a rather large one at that, keep him from being able to play Blanche du Bois is downright touching..

Let's not talk about the wheel.

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