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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Playlist for the Unpopular Music webcast, February 28, 2015

I'm writing this at around 1AM Saturday morning and I know already this is going to be a hard show to do.

I was set for an upbeat show to mark my imminent 45th birthday, perhaps with some tongue-and-cheek curmudgeonry thrown in. But Friday afternoon I got word that BFR program director and host of Morning Soup (the show which precedes mine) Doug Ashford had died.

Doug had been very encouraging and supportive to me in the almost year that I've been doing the webcast, face-to-face, and on his show, and around BFR, nominating me for the music show award that I've been too embarrassed to mention here or in the webcast. It meant a lot, seeing as he was a seasoned radio pro and I'm a complete novice.

So we have Elvis Costello's musing on the various connotations of "45" along with two recordings from the day I was born. (A couple of tracks from Bob Dylan's Self-Portrait were also recorded that day, but I'll spare you those. You're welcome.)

The next set follows with some various electric/funky things built off of a track from the more esoteric side two of Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters (too many albums imitate the slicker, commercial moments from side one.) We shift the tone with a lovely soprano sax and kora duet from Steve Lacy and Jean-Jacques Avenel.

The second hour begins with a somewhat Soup-y set, Robyn Hitchcock and I share a birthday (he's turning 62). Beatle George's was a few days ago and he shares thoughts on his Piscesness. The rest of the set is meant to be both contemplative and life-affirming. Yo La Tengo's Summer Sun album was apparently made shortly after the death of Georgia Hubley's mother, and M. Ward's performance of Daniel Johnston's To Go Home has been a go-to piece of motivation for a while.

Back in July, when Charlie Haden died, Doug and I each paid tribute to him on our respective shows. Negotiations ensued over how not to violate the internet radio rules against playing more than four songs by the same artist in a three hour span. Doug graciously, but reluctantly, switched out the last song he had planned. I, of course, immediately felt bad about it, and offer that song here in a tiny attempt at reconciliation - Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden's poignant performance of the Gordon Jenkins song Goodbye, one, if not the last, of Haden's recordings.

artist song album comment label / date
Elvis Costello 45 When I Was Cruel special guest 1st part of theme Island Records 2002
Naked City Inside Straight Naked City 2nd part of theme Nonesuch
Miles Davis Go Ahead John (part two B) The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions Miles Davis (tpt); Steve Grossman (ss); John McLaughlin (g); Dave Holland (b); Jack De Johnette (d) Columbia
Instant Composers Pool Fragments-f Instant Composers Pool 5 John Tchicai (ts) Misha Mengelberg; (p) Derek Bailey (g) Han Bennink (d) ICP
Lisa Germano Just Geek Geek The Girl music behind DJ 4AD
Juana Molina Dar (Qué Difícil) Un Día

Herbie Hancock Sly Head Hunters Herbie Hancock (keys) Bennie Maupin (ss) Paul Jackson (b) Harvey Mason (d) Bill Summers (prc) Columbia
Radiohead Lotus Flower The King of Limbs Colin Greenwood / Ed O'Brien / Jonny Greenwood / Phil Selway / Thom Yorke ATO
DM Stith (featuring I Heart Lung) I Heart Wig Heavy Ghost Appendices

Asthmatic Kitty
Beastie Boys Groove Holmes Check Your Head music behind DJ Capitol
Steve Lacy Trio Pï-Pande Bye-ya Steve Lacy (ss) Jean-Jacques Avenel (kora, tune) John Betsch (prc) Freelance
Cannonball Adderly O Amor Em Paz [excerpt] Ballads music behind DJ Capitol
Robyn Hitchcock To Turn You On The Man Upstairs song by Bryan Ferry Yep Roc
George Harrison Pisces Fish Brainwashed George Harrison, Dhani Harrison, Jeff Lynne, Jim Keltner, Mike Moran, Marc Mann Capitol
Karen Dalton In My Own Dream (Alternate Mix) In My Own Dream featuring Bill Kieth on pedal steel
song by Paul Butterfield
Light in the Attic

Nadia Sirota Etude 1 First Things First music behind DJ New Amsterdam
Robert S. Whitney / The Louisville Orchestra Symphony No. 15, Op. 199, "Silver Pilgrimage" – IV: Heroic Gates of Peace Alan Hovhaness: Concerto No. 7 for Orchestra, Opus 16 / Symphony No. 15 / Magnificat music by Alan Hovhaness
born in Somerville!
First Edition
Jaki Byard Falling Rains of Life Solo / Strings Jaki Byard (p) Ray Nance (vl) Ron Carter (vc) George Benson (g) Richard Davis (b) Alan Dawson (vbs)
originally from Jaki Byard with Strings
Yo La Tengo Today is the Day Summer Sun Ira Kaplan (g, p, voc), Georgia Hubley (d p, voc), James McNew (b, voc) Matador
M. Ward To Go Home Post War M. Ward (g, voc, keys) Neko Case (voc) Mike Coykendall (b) Jordan Hudson (d)
song by Daniel Johnston
Wayne Horvitz This New Generation This New Generation music behind DJ Nonesuch
Keith Jarrett and Charlie Haden Good-bye Last Dance Good-bye Doug ECM

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