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Saturday, March 15, 2014

about me and this blog

In Bob Dylan's memoir Chronicles, Part 1, our narrator, um, chronicles two points in his life where he changes modes from input to output. The later point is when Dylan, tired of himself and his creations, takes a break from a tour where he's being backed up by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, to play some shows with the Grateful Dead. The shift in song selections along with the drastic change in the two bands' working methods shake loose some of the cobwebs that had been had been gathering on old Bob, and a new period of creativity ensues.

The earlier instance involves the feasting on music, books, ideas and people of Bob's formative days in Minnesota and his arrival in New York up to the point he's able to turn it around into the songs we know and don't know, love, loathe are baffled and confounded by to this day.

Which brings us to me. I've been on input mode since about 1974 (the time the above picture was taken). The output has sputtered through several phases of fits and starts, with varying degrees of satisfaction. So, the latest idea to turn this into some kind of output has been to chronicle the input in hopes of perhaps finding some sort of thread linking it all together and maybe finding others who have followed their own haphazard stream of input.

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