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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Top 7 for January 15, 2014

Not Dark Yet – Bob Dylan from Time out of Mind

...but it's getting there
When it came out, we were all like “that's about the end of his voice” and now 15 years later we're like “his voice still sounded good then, compared to his latest record.”

JS Bach: Concerto for flute, violin, harpsichord & strings in A minor ('Triple'), BWV 1044 - I: Allegro

performed by Trevor Pinnock and the English Concert in 1984

Tout de Suite [Alternate Take] from the Miles Davis Quintet, the Complete Columbia Studio Sessions 1965-1968. 

From the last session, for Filles de Kilimanjaro.

Airhead by Thomas Dolby from Aliens Ate My Buick

Quod erat demonstrandum , baby

Bass Voodoo – Tim Berne's Caos Totale from Pace Yourself

A song with the classic Tim Berne introduction - a solo instrument improvises freely over motives from the forthcoming theme, bass and drums enter freely, a constant pulse emerges, then a sense of meter, before a melodic line emerges to lead into the theme. Sounds simple, but I, for example, have never been able to successfully replicate it without sounding stupid.

Daddy's Song – by the Monkees from Head

The album version with Davy singing, not the alternate with Mike.

The Other Woman – Anne Sophie von Otter from For the Stars.

Covering Nina Simone, not Ray Parker Jr., obviously.

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