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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Top 5+ for October 31, 2013

Mercy Street – Peter Gabriel from New Blood

Doesn't quite match the vocal arrangement performed on the “growing up” tour, but a lovely arrangement all the same. One of the better entries on this somewhat dubious orchestral project.

Bubbles in My Beer – Willie Nelson from You Don't Know Me: the Songs of Cindy Walker

A song whose lyrics seem to call for music more like Gloomy Sunday, but is instead a lively, bouncy song from an album which manages the rare feat of being nostalgic but also completely in the the present tense.

The Busy Girl Buys Beauty, Jeanne, A Nurse's Life is Full of Woe, The Last Time, To Have and to Have Not, The Saturday Boy and others from Billy Bragg Vol. 1

More great stuff. Was looking to download Levi Stubb's Tears and found on emusic the set, 8 “discs” for $6.50. Some of these discs are a bit short, the whole set it 92 tracks, 4 hours 35 minutes, which would fit on four discs, but still, it's a steal. The two DVDs from the physical package are replaced by a live set (“disc 8”) of indeterminable provenance. Gave it a shuffle play listen for a while to much amazement. Billy's one of those guys whose songs I've picked up one by one it seems so this little immersion in 20+ years old material (basically his first four albums plus demos, live tracks and other ephemera) is making me feel guilty for only dipping my toe in all these years. (guilty of the injustice to myself that is, not to Billy)

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