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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Top 2 for February 28, 2014

Behind the Lines – Genesis from Duke

There's apparently some sort of “Phil Collins reassessment” going on, or so the internet tells me, and I'll agree it's largely ill-advised. But, in going through my LPs to digitize them I was surprised how much the Genesis albums I bought in high school held up. I generally agree with Patrick Bateman's famous musicological presentation regarding Collins' discovery of feelings that marks this album as a transition for the band (but not about Invisible Touch or Sussudio, but I see why he likes them). Funnily enough, this record coincided with Peter Gabriel hitting his stride as a solo artist with his third album (on which the famous “Phil Collins drum sound” was invented), although his similar emotional breakthrough, lets call it, was still several years in the future with So. Anyway, pointing out that Phil Collins was once an engaging musician (see also his drumming on Robert Fripp's Exposure album) is also like pointing out that Jay Leno was once pretty funny - it's true, but no one believes you and you kind of feel embarrassed bringing it up.

Mama Soukos by Volta Jazz

Since I can't allow the only thing I write today to be a paragraph about Phil Collins, and since I did listen to it again today.

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