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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Top 3 for March 2, 2014

4th Time Around by Robyn Hitchcock from Robyn Sings

One of Uncle Bob's”, this performance gives the listener a glimpse at how the singer interacts with the lyrics. Robyn (who turns 61 tomorrow, by the way) replaces the line “I asked her how come” with the “and when she did come” from later on in the song and initially continues on from that later point before he realizes he's in the wrong place, stops and asks the audience for help, and continues on from where he left off. It's one of Dylan's more convoluted and dense lyrics, one that justifies the poet label that's sometimes too automatically placed on him.

Why do poets write? by Richard Jones; found on

Speaking of poetry, an examination of the difference between poets and the suicidal. Yes, there are some.

Affliction, dir. Paul Schrader

Nick Nolte's character should have become a poet. No that's not a spoiler. The film does follow the cycle of emotional and physical abuse and addiction from father to son. There's a couple of holes in the plot, like who is Marian Seldes' character and why does Nolte go see her, other than to receive some exposition, and man, there's a lot of snow in New Hampshire for a movie that takes place in November.

Good acting all around, especially James Colburn as the drunken asshole father.

Happy Birthday Lou Reed, wherever you are. (And Gorbachev too, and I really don't know where he is)

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