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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Top 6 from December 3, 2013

[not a leftover list from 1995, I swear]

1952 Vincent Black Lightning – Richard Thompson from Rumor and Sigh

A short story in song. The type of song the gives its characters last names.

That's just what you are- Aimee Mann from I'm with Stupid

If only for the way the arrangement places Mann's voice between Difford's and Tillbrook's.

The Death of a Disco Dancer – The Smiths, from Strangeways, Here we come!

This goes out to Bibi from John and the S5+2. If you think peace is a common goal, it just goes to show how little you know.

Sweetheart on the Barricade by Richard and Danny Thompson, from Industry

Richard Thompson gets his Billy Bragg on.

I'm So Green – Can, from Ege Bamyasi

Krautfunk. (Can one make kraut from ocra?)

The Telex Blues by Tim Berne, from Fractured Fairy Tales

As described by the album's title.

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