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Saturday, March 15, 2014

No. 1 for March 13, 2014


So, I live in a city which, due to some vigorous construction and perhaps its garbage and recycling practices, has a bit of a rat problem. So, yesterday I'm walking home and on my street, not from the house I live in, but close enough, a small, not baby, a toddler maybe, not full-sized, but all the same, a small rat comes out of a driveway and is crossing the street and almost makes it to the other side, when a hawk swoops down, grabs the rat and flies away with it. “Hell, yeah” I shouted. A woman who had just parked her car, and saw the action from the reverse angle gets out of the car and says to me “did you see that?” “Hell, yeah. Totally badass” I reply. A man who had just pulled into his driveway and was walking to his front door and had his back turned to the action is befuddled, wondering why the two of us are so excited.
Anyway here's to hawks, keep up the good work.

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