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Saturday, March 15, 2014

No. 1 for January 3, 2014

American Hustle directed by David O. Russell

Some fine acting from across the ensemble, especially Jennifer Lawrence as the loose cannon homebody housewife who almost blows everything (she's the gun from the first act that goes of in the third) and Jeremy Renner as the crooked politician with a heart of gold, excepting for some cringes from Christian Bale's impersonation of Robert De Niro circa 1980. Any movie that has characters bonding over Jeep's Blues, falling in love even, gets a big gold star from me. (Also, another scene is scored with Monk playing Straight, No Chaser. The source music selections are so well chosen throughout, that when Danny Elfman's credit came up, I actually said “wait, there was original music in this movie, too?” I can't recall any.) 

I also will now only refer to the microwave as the “science oven” from this point on.

Back to Lawrence's character (possible spoiler), she's in a position where she's unappreciated and neglected by her husband, and needs to move forward in her life, but knows she's in a better place than she'd be without him. Does the fact that she ends up with someone nice, but possibly nefarious constitute progress?

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